Sunday, June 28, 2015

David Gitin

A gentle American poet, under-regarded except by some other poets (Anne Waldman and Lyn Hejinian published blurbs for David's newist book, Woke Up This Morning,  a selected poems 1962-2014), died just yesterday.

His wife, Gloria Avner, posted for him on Facebook.

A mate from Buffalo days, here is his poem "Blessing" from that fine book of his.   

waters run gold with black silt

yellow moon yellow moon
no matter the road

And from that same book:

Yer Blues

bound of dread

not right

I did not do

not know

Horse Ankles

horse ankles
deer thighs

they say I have my mother's

The Sway of "A"

a life
alive all 

R.I.P., man....

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